"Hello, we met at the Birmingham Cat Show last weekend when I purchased a Kitty Scratch Pole for our baby boy.  I just wanted to let you know that when we got home with Haven (our persian), we put his scratch pole in the bathroom in hopes that he would notice it.  I wish I had my video on because he noticed it and immediately began scratching the pole.  Katie and I looked at each other in amazement!!!!  The cats are truly attracted to the scratch pole!!!!  

-Katherine G.


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"I bought a Kitty Scratch Pole and my 2 cats use it all the time."

-David S.

"For new cat owners, a good Kitty Scratch Pole can save you lots of money on shredded furniture and this one is eco-friendly.  Go green!"

-Leon S.

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The Eco-Friendly Cat Scratching Post Your Cat Will Love!

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You can buy a less expensive imported cat scratching post at a big box store, but our Kitty Scratch Pole is sturdier and will last longer.  It requires no tools to assemble.  It is hand crafted using sustainable wood species and recycled cardboard.  It is finished in durable, non-toxic PolyWhey which is safe for people and pets. It does not contain the harsh chemicals found in particle board and carpeted cat scratching posts.  Because it uses refillable cardboard discs, the Kitty Scratch Pole is more economical and eliminates landfill waste created by "throw away" cat scratching posts.  Made in the USA.  Dimensions: 12" dia. x 20" high  


  • Cats LOVE cardboard!
  • Refills are economical.
  • Cardboard discs can be recycled.
  • Base is reusable.
  • Safe for your pet.


  •   All Natural Sustainable Materials

  •   Cardboard core can be recycled

  •   Refills available - no tools required

  •   Hand Crafted in USA  


More to the point, why do they scratch your prized possessions?  Scratching is a territorial instinct by which cats place their mark and establish their turf.  Cat's paws also have scent glands that leave their own special scent on their territory.  This is why they mark the most visible portions of your home (your sofa, draperies, rugs, etc.).  It's Kitty's way of adding her personal touch to your (and her) home - her version of interior decorating.  Scratching is also good exercise and besides, it just plain feels good!


You cannot stop your cat from scratching - in fact, you cannot make a cat do anything it doesn't want to do!  Furthermore, cats do not understand physical punishment (they also have excellent memories and hold grudges).  The solution is to provide an appropriate scratching alternative that channels her primal urges away from your Chippendale wing chair.  Cats like rough surfaces that they can shred to pieces - corrugated cardboard works well for this.  It is also important to place the scratching post in an area that is used by the family, not hidden in a back room or corner - remember, cats need to mark their territory.  If you have more than one cat, you may need more than one scratching post.