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At Mother Earth Products, Inc., we love cats! We also care about our planet and try to be good stewards of its resources.  After years of purchasing cheap cat scratching posts that had to be replaced every 4 months, we came up with the Kitty Scratch Pole, an eco-friendly alternative that we want to share with other cat owners.

We are particularly proud of our Kitty Scratch Pole!  We have gone to great lengths to create an attractive, quality product that is safe for your pet and does not harm the environment. The base and top are constructed of sustainable wood species and finished in PolyWhey, a durable, non-toxic finish made from the by-product of cheese making. The core consists of a cardboard mailing tube and cardboard discs, both of which can be recycled. Our product does not contain the harsh chemicals found in particle board and carpeted cat scratching posts.  Because it uses refillable cardboard discs, the Kitty Scratch Pole is more economical and eliminates landfill waste created by "throw away" cat scratching posts.  

We buy from local sources and support manufacturers who have adopted green practices.  We use American manufacturers exclusively.  Our suppliers include:

We also use recycled shipping materials where possible.

We think you will agree that the Kitty Scratch Pole is a good value and a great alternative to most of the cat scratchers sold in pet stores and big box stores today.  Buy one and let us know what you think!  Better yet, send us a video of your cat using it - we'll post it on our website and make your cat a star!

About Us

"Hello, we met at the Birmingham Cat Show last weekend when I purchased a Kitty Scratch Pole for our baby boy.  I just wanted to let you know that when we got home with Haven (our persian), we put his scratch pole in the bathroom in hopes that he would notice it.  I wish I had my video on because he noticed it and immediately began scratching the pole.  Katie and I looked at each other in amazement!!!!  The cats are truly attracted to the scratch pole!!!!  

-Katherine G.

"For new cat owners, a good Kitty Scratch Pole can save you lots of money on shredded furniture and this one is eco-friendly.  Go green!"

-Leon S.

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(Oct.-Nov. 2013)

About Us

No More Cheap Scratching Posts!

"I bought a Kitty Scratch Pole and my 2 cats use it all the time."

-David S.